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Sales Agreement

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Sales Agreement
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Saint Bernards Payment Info

Buyers Name:___________________________________________________


CITY ________________ STATE___________

Phone #:    ____________            Cell#:______________

Breed:  Saint Bernard          Sex:_________

Date of Birth: ______________

Color: ________                   

Deposit___$200.00, Full purchase price ___$600.00

All our puppies come pre-spoiled! They come with a Heath Guarantee on congenital and hereditary defects, and full CKC registration papers. Seller guarantees the puppy against congenital/hereditary defects that would make the puppy unsuitable as a pet for the 1'st year of life.

The buyer has 3 Days of purchase to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian. If the examining veterinarian finds that the puppy was unfit for sale, the puppy needs to be returned accompanied by a letter from the examining veterinarian. Seller has a right to a second opinion to confirm diagnosis. If puppy needs to be shipped backed it is at the buyer's expense.

Infections- If within 3 Days a licensed veterinarian certifies  that at the time of sale the puppy was unfit for sale, due to illness or diseases, the consumer has the right to  choose one of the following options:

*The right to return the puppy and receive an exchange of equivalent value.
* The right to retain the puppy and receive reimbursements for veterinarian cost: may not exceed the cost of the purchase price of the animal.
Written certifications of unfit for purchase must be presented no later than three (3) business days following  the certification.
* Seller assumes no responsibility for veterinary or any other expenses incurred once the puppy leaves the seller's possession.
* If the buyer does not take the puppy for an exam within 3 Days after purchase this guarantee becomes null and void.
*This contract is not transferable it only applies to the original purchaser.

The buyer is responsible to continue the series of vaccinations,deworming, heartworms and any other types of parasite control.

This  guarantee is valid if the puppy is current on all vaccinations and has not been abused or neglected in any way.
The buyer is fully responsible for Hypoglycemia this is cause by Human error and should not happen.

The seller is not responsible for  landlord's disapproval, allergy to the animal, disagreement of family or for any other reason then stated.

* Death:  Incase of death, an autopsy by a licensed vet, (at buyer's expense) stating the cause of death would be required. In order  to exchange the puppy, cause of death must be due to a genetic condition.

* All deposits are to insure that you get the puppy of your choice. All Deposits are Non-Refundable.

*All legal matters must be resolved in the State of Florida.

I fully understand the above information, and by my signature I agree to all the terms stated above.

Signature of Buyer:____________________________________________Date:_______________

Print Name:__________________________________________________

Signature of Seller:____________________________________________Date:_______________
Sellers phone # 407-272-2255Cell # 407-219-1222